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Moisture and Humidity Problems ~North Florida Winters

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

As the winter months approach it is time to get prepared for a drop in temperatures and steady elevated humidity levels. That's right, when the temperature drops our indoor humidity levels may actually rise. Our cooling systems aren't used at much when highs are in the 70's and 60's during the day, so if a cooling system is the only way you are controlling indoor humidity, you'll need to consider augmenting with dehumidification -- central or localized during the winter. I'll be writing more about dehumidifiers and winter solutions in the coming months.

But, I don't want to get ahead of myself, it's still hot and although you are probably running your AC steadily, we have also been seeing an increase in HVAC problems related to moisture and humidity control. Some problems have been related to inappropriately sized systems while other problems have to do with improper installation of ducts and improperly set functions, especially with newer systems.

If your cooling system is not getting rid of your high indoor humidity issues, you may need an independent review of your HVAC system function related to humidity in your home. Ericks Environmental can provide an unbiased assessment on the level of humidity in your home or commercial building. We will look at all the options and possible causes to give you the best advice we can. We are not licensed HVAC contractors but can inform you when you need one.

Unfortunately, other problems can complicate or contribute to humidity and moisture problems as well. Foundation crawlspace moisture, improperly installed crawlspace encapsulation systems, poor ventilation, poor bathroom ventilation, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, and air conditioning leaks are just some contributing factors.

We take a look at the building from a holistic viewpoint and observe how the building interacts with all of its systems when at all possible (weather and other mechanical conditions will sometimes limit the full potential of this approach).

Try not to be single focused. Keep notes about the conditions in your home always comparing temperature and humidity with the outside conditions and make observations that you can later reflect back on. Call professionals when you need help.

Avoid mold and moisture before they get out of control. Email me for a free copy of my Indoor Air Quality and Humidity Guide to read in greater detail and instruction, or give me a call at 850-556-8888 to discuss further or schedule an appointment.

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