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Educate BEFORE hiring your mold assessor and mold remediator.

The mold industr

y has become the WILD WEST. It has become very difficult to find competent assessors and remediators. HVAC contractors for that matter are also

on this list and, especially, since HVAC systems are CAUSING some of the problems.

Discuss all of your concerns, your needs. Ask for a sample report and see if YOU can

read and digest the information (many reports I, as a seasoned Assessor, cannot

locate WHAT is wrong and WHAT the protocol actually is.

Google reviews can be good, but I see many with good google rankings who I wouldn't touch with a 10' pole.

A surprising trend is with long-standing companies as well as THE FLOOD OF NEW COMPANIES that consistently miss the mark. Your best weapon is an Assessor who is knowledgeable, detailed, not afraid to call out poor workmanship and will ALWAYS look

out for YOUR best interests.

Below are photos of a wall. The protocol stated to remove the wall 2' from the floor AND

2' beyond any visible mold. When we arrived, the remediator indicated "that he thought he could just clean off the surface and that would be fine". Yes, well, the protocol calls

for removal. So I said "cut a piece out and let us look at that together".........

In the next photo this is what we found. HEAVY STACHYBOTRUS MOLD. Toxic mold that

would have been left in the home. The remediators are saying "you aren't giving any breaks". BREAKS!!!!! I am sick over this kind of attitude. Please govern yourself accordingly. We are passionate about helping people not get taken advantage of. Reach out if you need help. We are here.

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