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Foundation Crawlspace Concerns?

Living in the Southeastern United States can be a humidity control challenge both indoors, for foundation crawlspaces and attic spaces. Moisture and humidity problems can occur when one or more of the following occur:

  • Poor ventilation

  • Dryer duct terminating into foundation crawlspace

  • Storm water run-off trapping moisture against foundation walls

  • Storm water run-off from lack of gutters

  • Improper downspout termination placement

  • Plumbing leaks

  • Air conditioning leaks – air handler located in crawlspace

  • Air condition duct leaks/condensation

  • Improper functioning of HVAC system

  • Improper or absence of vapor barrier on floor of crawlspace

  • Insulation installed to sub floor in crawlspace

  • Improper installation of a previous crawlspace system by "professional"

      (This list, by no means is all inclusive, but you get the idea.)

Call us with mold concerns in crawlspace
Poorly installed duct insulation and ducts lying on the floor-very harmful to air quality in home.
Mold in crawlspace and ducts on ground

An evaluation of the foundation crawlspace should be performed by a state licensed mold assessor who DOES NOT INSTALL encapsulation systems. This is true even if the company that recommends  the encapsulation system, does NOT CHARGE FOR THE INSPECTION. Frequently, the FREE inspections are not free AT ALL. You WILL pay. Call to schedule a consultation today. WE CARE.

Considering Crawlspace Encapsulation?

Crawlspace encapsulation has become the "rage" especially among those who have prescribed to the method and invested in the product and franchises. It has certainly become an income producer for many companies that purport to perform mold remediation, foundation repairs and now even pest companies. There is nothing wrong with this type of system but they can vary greatly in price AND quality of workmanship.


IF you have a moisture or mold problem in your foundation crawlspace and an encapsulation system is being recommended OR A PEST COMPANY INDICATES FUNGUS AS THE PROBLEM please call us to assist you through the process. We have begun testing the substances on wood framing in the crawlspace to determine if mold is present and, to the date of this writing, EVERY foundation has had MOLD PROBLEMS REQUIRING MOLD REMEDIATION TO REMOVE THE MOLD, NOT SPRAY WITH A SUBSTANCE.


Encapsulation is an expensive endeavor and, if not performed correctly can result in creating more problems. In our experience, many systems are installed improperly and lead to more problems than existed before. "Managing" your encapsulation system is also, critical. Be fully informed about your role in the maintenance and care of your foundation. Price also varies GREATLY and there is no reason you should pay more than you have to. 


Again, an inspection by a qualified mold expert who is not influenced by “selling a particular system” is recommended. Someone like Ericks Environmental, who has no bias towards or would receive financial gain from selling such as system, is strongly recommended -- you want to have options and you want to know what options are best for your home or commercial building as well as your budget. 


Our recommendation is to gather all the facts. Just because "everybody's doing it" doesn't mean it's correct for your situation and circumstances. For example we may suggest one of these more frequently recommended solutions first:


  • Properly address all the causes of moisture and humidity

  • Remove all debris

  • Hire a competent, ethical and licensed mold remediation contractor

  • Clean thoroughly and then clearseal once dry

  • Properly Install a vapor barrier on the crawlspace floor

Each building is unique and comes with its own circumstances , design and problems. This information is intended to be general in nature.

The cause of moisture MUST FIRST BE ADDRESSED. If your contractor is not identifying and correcting this problem you need to find another contractor. If mold is present it MUST be removed, not "treated" or "sprayed". 

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