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Cindy Ericks, Founder
Ericks Environmental Consulting
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Hear me right up front about a major current concern we are having in the industry. There are extreme examples of mold improperly assessed, improperly reported, improperly removed OR not totally removed. Don't get caught between a rock and a hard place not knowing how to proceed without competent assistance if you have specific mold concerns in the indoor environment. More and more people are covering over mold instead of removing it. "Killing" it doesn't "make it go away", either. There are very simple protocols to properly remove mold from buildings and the protocols need to be followed.


Ericks Environmental is not associated with any mold remediation company and we look out for our customers' interests.  The state laws of Florida require and INDEPENDENT Mold Assessor (someone who tests, inspects and writes a VERY CLEARLY worded protocol report so that all who read it can understand its meaning). Mold inspection and testing companies located out of the area often hire less experienced individuals to perform tests OR the 100 pages of technical language not understandable by most regular people (not scientists).


Get what you pay for and don't OVER PAY. Hire an experienced and caring Mold Assessment Company that will provide you what you need for your project. 

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Buyer Beware: We are seeing a lot of  COVERED OVER mold with little or no sellers disclosure to track to the specific area of water loss to locate mold. We are finding incompetent remediation or dry out or mold not evaluated during a water loss. Others just cover up with disregard or in ignorance. The property then is offered for sale to unsuspecting buyer. Have the home mold evaluated. We can't guarantee we will find all of the mold (especially with a good cover up) but we frequently do because we use methods that will best help detect; methods we DO NOT see in competitors reporting. Call and discuss your specific concerns. 

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